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August 19, 2014

I still have no clue where that damn tube came from.


Chris Part of what me and Ian want to do with this new wave of nonsense is to focus on our friendship and create comics based on things that actually happen. More often than not something that really happened ends up being weird and hilarious in exactly the sort of way we used to conjure up the previous incarnation. Honestly I really still don’t know how we came up with much of what we did for the last comics. Or what those comics meant. Or if they were funny or not… there’s a lot of things I keep locked away in Memory Garage so that I may live a normal life amongst the people.

I honestly still have no idea where this particular item in the comic came from or why we seem to still have it in our possession. Perhaps I can blame Michael for this…

~ Chris

On some levels, largely not yet attained, we are a funtertational multimedia extravaganza. This means that we are a high energy, fun, entertaining, informative crack squad of savvy, motivated personnel dedicated to bringing low-commitment comedy to those in need using whatever medium we feel suits us best. Low-commitment comedy means there is as little story as possible contained here. Some might say that story is what draws people back. We say that comedy can be enough. Please, enjoy our fine works and share them with your friends and family. Especially your family.
Chris Ian