Roll Film


Hate to admit it but Ian really does deserve a break. He really has been a one man show in this town for some time.

There are people out there who will read this and feel that nothing actually happened, and to those people, I say Ian did a good job. If you read a comic and it flows like a story/movie from A to B, then the creator made you read in such a way as to guide you seamlessly through some events.

What people often forget is comics are just a flat image. They may as well be a Monet, or a Picasso, or more likely in our case a shitty Warhol. There’s nothing that forces you to approach the image a certain way. ┬áNor to put the images┬átogether the same way that someone else does. These┬árules become a little more obvious when you look at our cyclical sketches, or one panels.

Anyways, a hallowed meeting of the covenant is going down this week and we shall decide the fates of the universe.

Our Universe.

As in 3 peoples Universe.

Which is more like an apartment universe.

But most time is spent in the living room of this universe.

So really the fate of a living room will be decided this weekend.

It has Internet access… That’s kinda global.


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