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Celebrity Projectionist

March 1, 2016


ChrisDAY TWO WITHOUT SLEEP! It’s the best, except all the excitement of staying up for long periods of time without sleep that I once longed for in my early 20’s is now gone away to the world of utter doom and mind gridlock in my 30’s. I won’t go into why, but I can tell you it wasn’t working on this comic. No, we cheated and traveled back into the past to make all of these latest comics so that would now be lazy in the present and give you this….this….THIS. (always better to emphasize things when you can’t end a sentence properly).

Here before you is the final days of the 35mm projectionist hero-god-celebrity Chris Saxe. I would say more but I… saw a shiny thing and now must make chase.

~ Chris

On some levels, largely not yet attained, we are a funtertational multimedia extravaganza. This means that we are a high energy, fun, entertaining, informative crack squad of savvy, motivated personnel dedicated to bringing low-commitment comedy to those in need using whatever medium we feel suits us best. Low-commitment comedy means there is as little story as possible contained here. Some might say that story is what draws people back. We say that comedy can be enough. Please, enjoy our fine works and share them with your friends and family. Especially your family.
Chris Ian