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October 2, 2009


Hate to admit it but Ian really does deserve a break. He really has been a one man show in this town for some time.

There are people out there who will read this and feel that nothing actually happened, and to those people, I say Ian did a good job. If you read a comic and it flows like a story/movie from A to B, then the creator made you read in such a way as to guide you seamlessly through some events.

What people often forget is comics are just a flat image. They may as well be a Monet, or a Picasso, or more likely in our case a shitty Warhol. There’s nothing that forces you to approach the image a certain way.  Nor to put the images together the same way that someone else does. These rules become a little more obvious when you look at our cyclical sketches, or one panels.

Anyways, a hallowed meeting of the covenant is going down this week and we shall decide the fates of the universe.

Our Universe.

As in 3 peoples Universe.

Which is more like an apartment universe.

But most time is spent in the living room of this universe.

So really the fate of a living room will be decided this weekend.

It has Internet access… That’s kinda global.


On some levels, largely not yet attained, we are a funtertational multimedia extravaganza. This means that we are a high energy, fun, entertaining, informative crack squad of savvy, motivated personnel dedicated to bringing low-commitment comedy to those in need using whatever medium we feel suits us best. Low-commitment comedy means there is as little story as possible contained here. Some might say that story is what draws people back. We say that comedy can be enough. Please, enjoy our fine works and share them with your friends and family. Especially your family.
Chris Ian