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July 28, 2009

Happy Wednesday, Dan & Stevedores, happy Wednesday.

I think the kids are calling it “Hump Day,” but I don’t remember the last time I got humped on Wednesday.

Get ready to hump… down on Hump Street.

So, suddenly I’m teaching a juggling class for the College of Montessori Teachers Education which is cool, but, I don’t think I have enough beanbags, so, I’ve spent today filling racquetballs with rice and thinking about cooperative juggling exercises.

While I’m back in classes, I’m also thinking about trying to make a living as a calligrapher, letterer, graphic designer, juggler once I’ve got the degree.

I want to keep making comics too and I feel kind of unfulfilled in my current work and I can’t deny the bohemian appeal of juggling on street corners and subways by day and doing all this creative stuff with the rest of my time.

I could wake up at 6, go to the city, juggle until 9, relax and write for 2 hours, go back to juggling until 2, break for more creativity until 4, and juggle until 6.

Man… why is this appealing to me?

Ian K.

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