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July 24, 2009

Well, it would appear that I am in a bit of  a pickle. I have tried to put up the post this morning and have found, yet again, that I am crippled by my workplace. I am unable to put up the image in its raw format for your viewing pleasure and the only thing I can do (and I’ll probably get yelled at for it by my team members for doing it) is link a word to the image which you’ll then have to click on to see.

That word is – sphinctal-crumbs

I hope that worked. If it did not I’m truly sorry.

If any of the other admins see this, then please feel free to insert the image from a computer which is not chaining your hands to the floor and slowly trying to drown you in your own dispair.



ps. I do actually find this highly appropriate for the strip which is about not having been able to take any pictures.

Hey Guys! I’m here! Let’s shoot some….oh…oh I see.

I see the the sandwich I left in my place as manager is a dreadful failure. When I return the smiting shall commence, now stop screwing up comedy.


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