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March 3, 2008

Will you look at that?

Welcome, Dan & Stevedores, to our 1 year anniversary week. Our pictographical jocularity has been back from its hiatus for one year. Our re-birthday will officially take place on Wednesday when you will continue to notice some of the changes already taking place around these parts.

In our attempts to create an open dialogue, we worked with a comments system which we later upgraded for threaded discussion.

We're so damned clever. Sadly, there isn’t really any discussion, though we absolutely appreciate being told when we’ve been extra funny, don’t be surprised if the comments leave entirely and we move to forums.

Why? Because you’re our friends and we need a better vehicle for our friendship.

Okay, bye,

-Ian K.

Me, I'm not.What Ian is really trying to say is that it’s time to start slacking off and partying more. Sure, we could keep making more comics, but we’re losing out on some serious television watching. I haven’t even beaten the latest Legend of Zelda game. YEAH, I KNOW! Messed up. So, we’ll see you at YOUR house soon, cause ours are pretty messy after all the photo shoots. We’ll be doing an in person world tour. Clean off your couch and get ready, for, THE DAN AND STEVE SQUATTERTHON 2008!



Normally, I think he’s a complete idiot when it comes to communicating, but, this time, Chris is exactly right: That IS what I was really trying to say.

-Ian K.

Me, I'm not.Thank you Ian, as always your backhanded compliments get me through the day. That and a pot of coffee. A whole damn pot of coffee.

– Chris


Thank you guys for being awesome. By “you guys” I mean me. I’ve worked very, very hard on this project and feel like I get absolutely no recognition. I mean, c’mon I spent at least 1 hour on my knees at Chris’ request without knee pads. Can I get a little recognition? And by a little I mean gimme your wallets. On second thought, nevermind. I don’t need your recognition. What the people really want to see is more Dr. Gay’s Guide to the World of Facts.
In other news AIDS still sucks. Thank you for tuning in. Until next time…
-Big Gay Mike

On some levels, largely not yet attained, we are a funtertational multimedia extravaganza. This means that we are a high energy, fun, entertaining, informative crack squad of savvy, motivated personnel dedicated to bringing low-commitment comedy to those in need using whatever medium we feel suits us best. Low-commitment comedy means there is as little story as possible contained here. Some might say that story is what draws people back. We say that comedy can be enough. Please, enjoy our fine works and share them with your friends and family. Especially your family.
Chris Ian