Black Face

I still have no clue where that damn tube came from.


Chris Part of what me and Ian want to do with this new wave of nonsense is to focus on our friendship and create comics based on things that actually happen. More often than not something that really happened ends up being weird and hilarious in exactly the sort of way we used to conjure up the previous incarnation. Honestly I really still don’t know how we came up with much of what we did for the last comics. Or what those comics meant. Or if they were funny or not… there’s a lot of things I keep locked away in Memory Garage so that I may live a normal life amongst the people.

I honestly still have no idea where this particular item in the comic came from or why we seem to still have it in our possession. Perhaps I can blame Michael for this…

~ Chris

Poop Baby

A baby of poop.

ChrisOh! Hello there internet! I didn’t see you there! I can’t see anything! I have a very serious problem right now. I’ve gone blind from updating a plugin in WordPress and then having it delete all of my custom post and page templates.

On to the strip. In this comic, me and Ian are… woah, I haven’t read this one in a while… I wonder if this is appropriate to publish at all. I’ll wonder that while I’m hitting the publish button. Beyond the questionable content of this strip I’d like to point out that me and Ian are playing with a new type bordering which includes a lot more white space to make it more fancy-time. This go around I’m doing some of my own tweaking on the panels make it more than simply a series of images. I want to create the comic atmosphere while allowing for the imagery of real people to not distract from the format. I would say more, but my brain, it is the melting.

~ Chris

Awkward Phone Call

Awkward Phone Call


Chris S. So… Ian is a very focused kind of guy. When the soup of his brain finally congeals into a hardy paste there is little that stops him from his task. But sometimes… he becomes so focused on his brain’s soup of the day that he forgets some context. Maybe I shouldn’t have written this when I was hungry… damn I want brains.

On another subject I am still working on the alterations to this web site. Step one was getting it fully integrated into the Distilled Minds web database, then I had to splice and code it in CSS. Next on the list is making is device responsive (mobile friendly). I should have this completed …. in.. the… *mumble mumble*….

~ Chris

Grand New Beginnings

Ian K. Icon What is art, loyal (and new) Dan & Stevedores? Well, that’s kind of a broad and largely unanswerable question, but the most important aspect, as explained by Frank Zappa, is the frame. Not necessarily the literal frame, but the idea of the frame, the thing that says, “hey, check out this art” rather than leaving you to ask, “what is that shit on the wall?” It is important to specify that it is the idea of the frame that makes something art, because otherwise it just leaves you to notice that this new iteration of the Dan & Steve Show has explicitly removed its borders, declaring itself to not be art, and leaving all of you to just ask “what is this shit on the Internet?” So, we still have the idea of the frame, and we are still art. Don’t worry, though; we’re still bad art. We have no illusions. If you check the date on our previous comic, “Roll Film,” you’ll see it’s been over four-and-a-half years since we last lied to you and said we would be back in a month, so, thanks for sticking with us, we do appreciate it, and we hope you appreciate what we’ll be doing. Chris and I have not been idle all this time, though we’ve obviously not been making comics. I’ve been doing graphic design and calligraphy as well as working on a novella and some short stories — no you can’t see them! — and Chris has been doing lots of photography, which probably you can see. My point here is that we should be making mostly better comics, and that the contents of our theoretical frame have evolved. So, welcome to the Dan & Steve Show, series 2. – Ian


Chris S Icon I would really like to thank the mighty amazing unicorn that is Lina Gonzalez for building the beautiful new design and logo you see before you. We cannot thank her enough for her excellent work here. I look forward to some new and strange ideas from old and new crew of the Dan & Steve Show. And now I will pass the hell out because I’ve spent the past two weeks re-teaching myself CSS, basic PHP and MySQL in order to slice and code this page. *falls over* – Chris

Roll Film


Hate to admit it but Ian really does deserve a break. He really has been a one man show in this town for some time.

There are people out there who will read this and feel that nothing actually happened, and to those people, I say Ian did a good job. If you read a comic and it flows like a story/movie from A to B, then the creator made you read in such a way as to guide you seamlessly through some events.

What people often forget is comics are just a flat image. They may as well be a Monet, or a Picasso, or more likely in our case a shitty Warhol. There’s nothing that forces you to approach the image a certain way.  Nor to put the images together the same way that someone else does. These rules become a little more obvious when you look at our cyclical sketches, or one panels.

Anyways, a hallowed meeting of the covenant is going down this week and we shall decide the fates of the universe.

Our Universe.

As in 3 peoples Universe.

Which is more like an apartment universe.

But most time is spent in the living room of this universe.

So really the fate of a living room will be decided this weekend.

It has Internet access… That’s kinda global.


the Gallow’s God

Happy pre-hiatus Wednesday, Dan & Stevedores.

Odin had two brothers, actually, but they sort of faded from popularity and in mythology that’s the same as dying. They really only had one purpose anyway, which was to, alongside Odin, kill Ymir, the Frost Giant out of whose body the Earth is made. Having done that, Odin’s brothers, Vili and Ve, disamappeared from history, pretty much.

Odin is a god of war and death as well as a god of poetry and wisdom. He was crucified upside-down for nine days on Yggdrasil the World Tree, pierced by his own spear which is why I think the Norse and Scandinavians probably thought Jesus was kind of a pussy. Here he learned nine powerful songs and eighteen runes. Odin is the father of language in Norse mythology. His hall is Valaskjalf where his throne Hlidskjalf is located. From this throne he observes all that happens in the nine worlds. The tidings are brought to him by his two ravens Huginn and Muninn. He also resides in Valhalla, where the slain warriors are taken.

Oh, and don’t forget his stuff! Odin’s got the spear, Gungnir, which never misses its target, the ring, Draupnir, which grows 8 rings every nine nights, and his eight-footed horse, Sleipnir. He is accompanied by his wolves Freki and Geri, to whom he gives his food ’cause he consumes nothing but mead. Odin has only one eye, which blazes like the sun. His other eye he traded to Mimir the Wise for a drink from his well and gained immense knowledge.

And he’s got a bunch of names, it’s crazy. Most gods don’t have this many aliases. Here’s just a fraction:

Long Beard, Twice Blind, Mighty One. Victory Bringer, Battle Blinder, Spear Charger, the Brown One, Barrow Lord, Journey Adviser, Father of Men, Lord of the Hanged, Enemy of the Wolf, God of Hosts, High One, the Lean, Blind Guest, the Wanderer, God of Burdens, War-Merry…

And let’s not talk about my uncle’s penis.

Ian K.

Dancing Queen

OK, Dan & Stevedores, there is good news and then, there is bad news.


Because we believe in the tao of all things.

The good news? We will be refocusing and redoubling our efforts to make the Dan & Steve Show a thing of quality, to make merchandise for you to have so you can take the Show and hold it in your crazy hands to show to your crazy friends, to create a more tangible community for us all to be crazy in… you know… revamp the site, refocus the strip.

As Mike said the other day, “the Dan & Steve Show is like a good stand-up comedian and now it’s time for its successful sitcom or movie.”

The bad news is that we’ll be taking a month off to do it. We’ll be ending the Dan & Steve Show: Series 1, if you will, before moving on to series 2.

So, this is your last week of Dan & Steve until November.

And then the good news again is that we will return in time for Thanksgiving.

Ian K.

the Unexpected

You know it’s bad when you can actually see them.

Oddly enough these staring matches often occur just after a discussion about ‘comedy’. ie. Ian might say ‘Why wouldn’t he go take a bath in a tub full of coffee’ (minus the tub because he doesn’t use words like that), and then Chris disagrees and thinks that it would make more sense for a character to throw himself off a rooftop looking for the magical coffee bean of Olympus… awkward pause, then a long stare would ensue.

Normally I would be on hand to break up the action, but I’m glad to see that I can be easily replaced by a fart.

In other news Chris is hosting a gallery show tonight, please attend, as I fear I will not be able to make it, and I know that when people host things, nothing makes them happier then having people turn up. Well, one thing does. Having people turn up with cash.


Man’s Great Ambition

Good golly, miss molly, Dan & Stevedores!

I slept in today. Sorry I’m late.

I was poking around and found the font we used in today’s strip and, you cannot imagine my delight in finding a decent font in Rustica.

There are rustica fonts out there, I know, but they just don’t seem to have the zest that this one does.

Rustica was used by the Roman Empire from the 1st through the 5th century for deluxe manuscripts, mostly Virgillian. Its use as a manuscript hand tapered off after that but it continued to be in use as a title script and for chapter headings through the 12th century.

As far as I know, the script wasn’t used for Christian literature, and the conversion of Rome to Christianity in 313 with its use of the Uncial hand is debatably one of the reasons for this hand’s decline and eventual fall.

Rustica was also used in stone-cutting in conjunction with the Imperial Capital letters.

Anyway, this one has a very authentically ragged look to it and I digs it.

Ian K.

If you Want Something Done…

Holy Monday, Dan & Stevedores!

There is, like, stuff going on here at the Dan & Steve Studios.

My etsy shop is growing, so, hooray. You should buy things from me because I’m… well, I’m broke.

Chris and I are both showing work along with a bunch of other delightful artists at the Brownstone Gallery.

The Brownstone Gallery is located at:

119 Washington Street, Norwalk, CT 06854

Phone Contact: 203-831-8748

Opening Reception is Friday, September 25th from 7pm to 10pm.

Click here for the official invitation.

Extree, extree, read all about it!

Ian K.